Operation & safety

Not following the points below puts you and others in risk of serious injury. Hereby we strongly recommend reading the following points.

  • Upon arrival of the kit verify that there are no physical damages to cables or the electrical panel.

  • Only use the system indoors.

  • Do not put the system in direct sunlight, magnetic fields, extremely humid or hot areas (temperature needs to stay be between 0 and 30 degrees Celsius).

  • Any modifications or repairs of the electrical components are at your own risk and should be executed by a qualified engineer.

  • Make sure nothing is placed on top of the LED heatsink, as it can become hot.

  • Do not look into the LED panel directly without protective glasses.

  • Sensor data can be lost if the software or SD card fails.

  • The power of the system is achieved with an AC/DC converter enclosed in a box. Never try to open this box. The power chord has a grounded cable supplied in case you are in the β€œ230V AC” EU region. The AstroPlant kit is untested in other areas. The Astroplant kit must be plugged into grounded power outlets only.

  • Make sure the kit is in a stable position to prevent any tip-over. A tip-over can lead to serious injuries and has fire hazards.

  • Don’t leave the kit unattended with little children.

  • When turning on the system verify the LED system turns on in a stable manner. Any flickering or no light means there is damage and immediately turn off the system again. Contact our support channels in this case.

  • Never blindly set the LED intensity to 100%. This can limit the lifetime of the LED panel. We suggest to follow the research protocol section settings here: AstroPlant Growth Protocol.

  • Prevent any water from entering the top panel.

  • After transportation or relocation of the kit verify the kit still operates normally.

  • It is not allowed to throw away any parts of the system in an unsorted garbage bin. We are developing a return or recycle policy to minimize e-waste.

  • You are fully responsible for the safe operation of the kit.


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