Documentation for the back-end of the community platform

For most information on this part and understanding what has been done please see the Strapi Documentation.

As stated in the Architecture Part, the back-end is made of a Strapi API that handles a Postgres database. The community back-end is also depending on the authentication system of the Core API, as it is using kits data. The overall back-end around the community API revolves as follows :

Strapi Models


Official news from the AstroPlant team.

Full model


A category of an article

Full model


A frequently asked question model

Full model


A feature to be added to the roadmap

Full model

Help Sections

A help section used to sort the FAQs

Full model

Library Medias

A media from the library

Full model

Library Section

A section of the library

Full model


Model representing a user on the platform

Full model

E/R Model

For those who are more comfortable with database models, here is an entity-relationship model of the current database :

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