Welcome to the setup guide

Preliminary information before you start

Before you start

  • This setup guide and the AstroPlant Maker Kit is a work in progress, meaning that some details of the setup might be deprecated or misplaced. Please let us on Slack know what is missing.
  • You can contribute to this documentation. Let us know and we'll add you to the list of contributors!
  • We also give support, but please make sure you read this document carefully before contacting us.
  • It is greatly recommended to connect to a maker space or a fablab or local techie as well - they can help you with fabrication, assembly, and it's just more fun to do it together!

Overview of the steps

1. Assemble your kit

  • Assembly of the electronics
  • Connecting the cables
  • Placing the kit

2. Germinating the seeds

3. Weekly protocol

  • Taking measurements
  • Changing the nutrient solution

4. Documenting and sharing outcomes

  • Download and evaluate data
  • Report outcomes and publish data