Community Platform


As AstroPlant grew and new amazing space farmers joined, it has become obvious that our communication and on-boarding processes were not appropriate, for anyone new to the project joining and also to what we wanted to provide to our end-users and to our community. As jklingen92 stated here :

Instructions for Astroplant are like a scavenger hunt

A place to gather everything AstroPlant.

To solve those issues, we decided to create a single place where users, followers and contributors could go for everything and anything Astroplant, an AstroPlant hub of some sort what we internally refer as the AstroPlant platform.

This platform should be a place where users can find information, details and updates about the AstroPlant Project but also about its community (an official & a community Blog). But also a place where you can access, view and control your kit (Kit Dashboard), and also learn about what others are doing with their kits.

For more information about the platform, our community and goals, go to

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